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Galia Group Tekstil A.S. has been one of the leading manufacturers by acting with the perception of growth and development since its establishment in 2020.

The service provided by us to the customer and our quality during the phase is the greatest value that we have. Our work, which we have always done as customer-oriented has won everybody’s approval and provided.

Galia Group and combed with coming to these days with firm steps.

We have justified proud of leading our country’s textile sector in a general manner for taking the manufacture of knitting and combed cotton a step further every day by following innovations and developments and also bringing innovations to the sector.

Our wide machinery, manufacturing quality and customer-oriented manufacturing perception are the result of our self-confidence.

We make our whole manufacture for big brands in Europe and America. Punctiliousness and sensitivity regarding the quality of brands have always triggered us to be the best.

All stages from design to loading are completed within our Company and combined. This enables us to control all stages of manufacture and to get the best quality always.

Our object is to maintain our place in leading companies in the sector. Also, to take our quality further and come to the place it deserves in the World. Therefore, we have been following all new developments to save our place and to serve best for our customers.


To be a model in the knitting ready-made clothes sector of our country with organization structure by using information and manufacturing technologies in this area.


To contribute both for our country and our brand’s coming to places they deserve in this area by providing world-class manufacture with our country’s values and culture and contributing to the industry of the country.

İplik Topları
Askıda Kumaş Numuneleri
Askıda Kumaş Numuneleri

Basic Values

Not to give up honesty, principled and goodwill in all relations and commerce. To believe in the possibility of everything and try to achieve difficult objects for quality continuity and taking art.

Quality Policy

Our policy is to produce the quality in required price, terms and properties in accordance with the manual consent by prioritizing our costumers’ wishes. While performing this policy, our aim is to provide education sustainability in order to reach to employees with whom we ensure a peaceful and secure work environment.

Our development effort, which we maintain by following closely and implementing information technologies, is supported by innovation efforts of our suppliers.


We meticulously monitor all orders from the design of the models to delivery within our infrastructure, equipped with Stoll brand flat knitting machines, washing and drying systems, a sewing department, and ironing and packaging services.

  • Inhouse Capacity is 30,000 units per month.

  • 12 pcs Stoll branded flat knitting machine.

  • 2 pcs Washing & Drying machine.

  • 20 pcs Hand linking machine.

  • 6 pcs Flat steaming table.


Hurriyet Mahallesi Yildirim Beyazit Caddesi

No:41/51 6th Floor Zip Code:34212 Bagcilar, Istanbul - TURKIYE

+90 212 451 63 38

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